Attilio’s work for the human beings, Mother Earth and the universe is versatile. The following Chronicle holds only the most important works and manifestations since 1997.


November 10 – Switzerland/ St. Gallen

12:15: In the Abbey library of St. Gallen Attilio, in the company of a student, relieved the mummy of Schepenese of stress, which she had experienced and returned her own frequency, the “radiation of her aura”. This changed the space visibly and noticeably. Schepenese was a priest’s daughter and lived between 700 and 650 B.C. in Thebes.
In the Cathedral of St. Gallen Attilio gave
- all holy water stoups a Holy frequency. This also included the two copper Holy water containers, from which Holy water can be filled up to take away.
- the baptismal font the frequency to the resolution of the birth shock. From this day on the birth shock was resolved with every child, who was baptized here.
- the organ the frequency of healing sounds.

October 29 – Germany/ Annabrunn (district Mühldorf)
18:00: Accompanied by a student, Attilio raised the frequency of the spring in Anna Brunn, so that it became holy water.


October - Journey to Egypt, Israel and Jordan
Attilio’s Lightwork during the journey is described in the following. He was accompanied by a group of students. © Travel description: Anna Ballner, Stefan Hauer

October 13 – Egypt/ Cairo
09:50: Giza. Energy change of the sarcophagus in the Chephren Pyramid.

15:30: Memphis, Open Air Museum:
Frequency of the recumbent statue of Ramses II. refined.

Building a Light Column of 1 million BU in front of the upcoming statue of Ramses II.

October 14 – Egypt/ Cairo
09:40: Egyptian Museum
Attilio worked on the frequency of the mummies. Now it is increased and balanced.

11:30: Attilio energized the Horus Statue with the Horus-frequency.

15:25: Within the Citadel
Building a Light column of 1 million BU in the center of the mosque, with the wishes of freedom and spirituality.

16:05: Coptic Church of Holy Virgin Mary
Building a Light column of 1 million BU, before the picture of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus. Request: People may get peace.

October 18 – Egypt/ Sinai
11:48: Monastery of Deir Saghir
The frequency of the tree was refined. Request: Anyone who touches the tree, may get what he/she needs.

October 20 – Egypt/ Sinai
05:50: Mountain of Moses
The frequency of the Light Column and of the Fire was doubled. (see also: Global Light Network)

October 22 – Israel/ Dead Sea
07:07: Frequency of the Dead Sea so changed, that it always can adapt. It is Holy Water now.

O7:31: Hordus Center/ En Bokek region

Building a Light Column with a frequency of more than 1 million BU. Wishes: spiritual growth and freedom. The core of this Light Column has a 5.50 m diameter and a range of 100 km. It reaches the countries: West Bank, Jordan and Israel.

October 22 – West Bank/ Bethlehem
11:40: Church of the Nativity
Attilio built a Light Column in the center of the Church of the Nativity, which gives the people, what they just need.

11:50: Attilio changed the frequency in the Grotto. It got the energy that had been at the birth of Jesus.

October 22 – Israel/ Jerusalem
13:55: church of the resurrection
A Light Column of 1 million BU came to the place, where Jesus has been embalmed (stone of the anointing). This Column has no request.

14:00: Attilio increased the frequency at the tomb of Jesus. It is now a Holy Place.

until 14:50 Stations of the Cross
The committed Way of the Cross has been energetically worked on by Attilio during the walk and the sufferings were neutralized.

15:00: Wailing Wall
The frequency of the Wailing Wall was increased. Now the Wall is a Holy Place; all prayers on the slips of paper are answered.

October 23 – Jordan
11:00: Tomb Aaron. In the mountains of Petra Attilio refined the frequency of the tomb of Aaron (brother of Moses) so as it is entitled to him.

October 23 - Jordan - Petra
13:55: Treasure house. Attilio increased the frequency of the treasure house by 25%.

14:00: URN tomb. Attilio dissolved the old Light Column. Before the largest Royal Tomb - the so-called tomb of the URN – he built a new Light Column without requests.

14:45: Attilio built in the URN tomb the AUNDA wave.

until 15:45: Petra - Rock Town
Energetic cleansing of the aisles in Rock Town Petra for which an energetic cloud from Attilio flowed out.



June 10 – Germany/ Kehlstein
Attilio built a Light Column of 1 million BU before the cross on the Kehlstein, accompanied by a group of students. Immediately after the buildup of the Light Column the clouds divided and you could see even down into the Valley. Because of the history of the Eagle’s nest visitors from all over the world come on the mountain. Their photos and hence the frequency of the Light Column go around the world.



June 08 – Austria/ Big Koppenkarstein
Attilio built a Light Column of 1 million BU on the glacier of the Big Koppenkarstein, accompanied by a group of students.




May/June 2013 – Journey to London and Southern England
Attilio’s path led first to London and then on the trail of Arthur to southern England. He was accompanied by a group of students. His light work in England is described in the following sections. © Travel description: Franziska Egen

May 28: London/ Tower of London
Attilio energetically cleansed the entire rooms of the Tower of London and the place of execution of the Tower.
Tower Green: Former East Smithfield Green is a place in the inner ring of the fortress of theTower of London.

May 29: London/ Westminster Abbey
Attilio built a Light Column of 1 million BU in Westminster Abbey.
The Light Column is located under a beautiful flower mosaic on the ceiling.

May 30: London/ Hampton Court Palace (great Palace of Henry VIII.)
Attilio energetically cleansed all the rooms in Hampton Court Palace and redeemed all spirits with a “light-gate”.

May 30: London/ Chapel Royal
Attilio gave the cross on the altar of the Chapel Royal the frequency of the Eternal Eight.
The Chapel Royal: This beautiful chapel has been used for more than 450 years.

May 31: Minehead (beach)
Attilio built a Light Column of 1 million BU on the beach at Minehead. The center of the Light Column is over a stone with the letter “A”. After setting up the Column an “A” in the clouds appeared.

June 01: Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury Tor
- Attilio gave the tomb in Glastonbury Abbey the frequency of Arthur and Guinevere.
- Attilio gave the stones of the refectory a high frequency.
Open people can now perceive the past.
- Attilio increased the frequency of the Holy thornbush (behind the chapel of St. Patrick). It has the strength of its origin again and blooms three times a year.
- Attilio opened a gateway to the dimensions in the ruins of the Tower of St. Michael on the Glastonbury Tor. Open people can perceive the gate to the dimensions.
- Glastonbury Tor (Ruins of the Tower of St. Michael) is a 158 m high, teardrop-shaped hill in Glastonbury. “Tor” is a word of Celtic origin, that "conical hill" (mountain, earth) means.

June 01: Cadbury Castle (Somerset)
Attilio gave the place of Cadbury Castle the frequency of the original Castle Camelot.
Cadbury Castle, an iron-age fortification, is 10 kilometers north-east of Yeovil in Somerset.

June 02: Lanyon Quoit (Cornwall)
Attilio gave the Lanyoin Quoit the frequency of the builders.
The Lanyon Quoit, also known as The Giant’s Quoit or The Giant’s Table, is an about 5.500 years old dolmen and the best-known quoit in Cornwall.

June 02: Mên-in-Tol (Cornwall)
Attilio gave the stones of Mên-in-Tol the following frequencies:
* First stone got the frequency of the Sunrise.
* Stone in the center (with the hole) got the frequency of the midday sun.
* Stone at the end got the frequency of the sunset.
After Attilio had given to the stones the respective frequency, an A in the cloud appeared.
Request: Anyone who crawls through the stone in the center, may be healthy.

June 02: Land’s End (Cornwall)
Attilio built a Light Column of about 1.2 to 1.3 million BU on a triangular stone at the highest point of the cliffs. Because of the following four requests, the inner diameter is 5.5 meter: For nature, for the people, love for everything, love for all people.

June 03: Tintagel Castle (Cornwall)
Attilio built a Light Column of 1 million BU at the highest point of the cliffs of Tintagel Castle.

June 03: Dozmary Pool (Cornwall)
Attilio gave Dozmary Pool, the lake in the Bodmin Moor, the frequency of 100.000 BU.

June 03: The Hurlers (Cornwall)
Attilio gave through a large, eternal Eight over all stones, the menhirs, a tremendously high frequency. The menhirs in circles are called hurlers.

Now, this place – The Hurlers close to the Bodmin Moor - is a sacred place.

June 04: Jurassic Coast (Dorset)
Attilio gave a small spring on the Jurassic Coast the frequency of 100.000 BU.

June 05: Stonehenge (Wiltshire)
Attilio gave Stonehenge the frequency of a temple. The frequency expands so far that it reaches even the people on the circular path. Here is now created a true place of power.


May 16 - Switzerland/ Aar Gorge near Meiringen
Attilio energized - accompanied by a student - the walkway of the Aare Gorge (, so that all visitors can experience healing.