Attilio’s work for the human beings, Mother Earth and the universe is versatile. The following Chronicle holds only the most important works and manifestations since 1997.



October 05, 2009: Nepal - Tibet

In order to complete the global Light Network Attilio Ferrara traveled with a six-member group to the Himalayas. Attilio built some great Light Columns during the trip, for example in Kathmandu at the Kumari Temple, for spiritual growth, healing and the nature. The important mission, however, was to build the last World Light Column at the foot of Mount Everest at the base camp 5,200 m above sea level. First Attilio established the fifth Light Column on October 11, 2009 at 17:30 and put it on the top of Mount Everest on 8850 m above sea level. This fifth World Light Column, which will span the entire Light Network, stands for the fifth element, the element of love. Attilio received this information on the spot. Then the construction of the fourth Light Column followed, which Attilio placed at 6, 000 m above sea level. It pierced the whole globe explosively and now impacts the opposite side East of Easter Island exactly as strong. Both Light Columns were created during a strong windstorm and excessive coldness. The members of the group could perceive the vibration in their bodies considerably. The entire Himalayan mountain was informed by Attilio Ferrara with healing energy. There will be more information about the journey in a pocket book.


January 08, 2009: Seychelles (East of the Coast of Kenya)

Attilio built three large Light Columns each of one hundred kilometers in diameter and the information of spiritual growth, healing and for the nature.

One Column is on the main island of Mahé in the Park of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, another one is on the highest point of the island of Praslin at 367 m (on the border of the National Park), and the third Column is at the highest point on the island La Digue Nid d' Aigle at 33m.