Attilio’s work for the human beings, Mother Earth and the universe is versatile. The following Chronicle holds only the most important works and manifestations since 1997.


December 2006 / January 2007: CUBA

Attilio Ferrara built in Havana on the "Placio de la Revolucion" a huge Light Column of one million BU that stands for freedom, spiritual growth and self-awareness. Another Light Column originated in Cayo Santa Maria at the North coast of Cuba. With the same information Attilio built a Light Column in the natural park "Les Terazess". At the end of the journey Attilio built another huge Light Column at the airport in Havana.


November 25, 2006: Munich/ Germany

A large Light Column of 4.5 meters in diameter and a hundred kilometer extension originated in the presence of a group of students in Munich on the Olympic mountain. It includes three specified wishes: spirituality, healing, and compassion.


October 20, 2006: Palau on Sardinia/ Italy

Attilio built a small Light Column in Palau (North of Sardinia) at a grave with the name «tomba limiziani». In the Church of San Giorgio he built a small Light Column for healing. Near the Church, Attilio changed old Nuraghe places where at that time healings took place. These places are still perceived today as places of healing.

At the place of meditation Attilio shortened the time to get into the alpha state from 30 minutes to one minute. In other words, the three stages put in the rock can be climbed for a minute each to get then on the "ship" (stone boat) to the spiritual world.

In the “seduta de rocca” (rock seat), Attilio increased the healing frequency. A further increase of the healing frequency he gave at the rock with the three given healing powers for the blood, the immune system and the skeleton. This place can be found in Palau along the “Strada San Giorgio”.


October 18, 2006: Sardinia

Attilio built a huge Light Column with a diameter of 4.5 meters and one hundred kilometer extension with the wishes of healing, spirituality and self-awareness at a height of 1,300 meters above sea level, above the village of “Talana” in a plateau of “Oliastra Sardegna”.

Attilio built a small Light Colum at the “Passo Genna” at 900 meters above sea level at the Madonna - with a diameter of 0.8 meter and one kilometer extension - for the people who come to this small cave. It is a place where people like to take a break.


October 17, 2006: Sardinia

In the Nuraghe village of "Serra Orrios" near the town of Dorgali, Attilio increased the frequency in the temple building and gave the information: Healing.


October 16, 2006: Sardinia

Attilio built a small Light Column in “Perdasdefogu” on a “Nuraghe” with the information healing, spirituality and self-awareness for the people in this area.


August 15, 2006, 9.00am-10.00am (CET): FERRAGOSTO

A special day not only for the Italians, it's the day of Maria, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Attilio neutralized black magic worldwide on the basis of recent developments. This means that those people who work with black magic have a hundredfold setback, when students are concerned even a thousandfold setback. The black magic power noticeably affects the sender.


In addition, he sent

- a frequency increase to his people, the Pleiadians,

- Healing to all blind people,

- Balancing of Chakras to all people,

- Healing for animals, plants, seas, all of nature.


April 16, 2006

Attilio sent out his Easter message to the world on Easter Sunday at 11:00 am (CET). His actions for the planet, the universe, and his faithful people of the Pleiadians are from his heart. Healing and blessing were sent to the people around the world, the Earth, all the animals, the oceans, the forests,
 our solar system and all the other ones. The Pleiadians were given an increase of frequency.