Attilio’s work for the human beings, Mother Earth and the universe is versatile. The following Chronicle holds only the most important works and manifestations since 1997.


December 25, 2005

Global light work on Christmas

Presents to the people:

Attilio made the chakras to turn 10% faster.

In addition, the vibration of people was increased by 2,500 Bovis Units. (No human being should swing under 10,000 Bovis Units.)

The health aura of people was stabilized, which means global healing for people.


Presents to nature:

Doubling of the animals‘ energy field

Doubling of the forests’ and seas’ energy field

Doubling of the minerals’ energy field


Gifts to the people of the Pleiadians: 
A blessing with a very high expansion of the energy fields.


December 24, 2005

Attilio brought all his students the energy of the birth of Christ in their houses. At the first time he officially brought it into a Catholic Church (Riethüsli in St Gallen). The energy field of the birth of Christ was there from December 24 at 12:00 until December 31 24:00 (CET) 2005.


December 16, 2005

The rebirth of Archangel Omega:

In the presence of about thirty students, Archangel Omega got back his task by Attilio. Archangel Omega’s task is to support the people in processing and letting go of the past. He also brings clarity and strong self-confidence.


Attilio built up an energetic cover in the room and every student present could contribute two powerful thoughts, which were accepted or rejected by Archangel Omega himself. After the energetic cover had been filled with about fifty wishes - such as joy, clarity, unconditional love, strength, happiness, sense of security, patience, peace, etc.- Attilio brought Archangel Omega down and combined him with the cover. This union of Archangel Omega and the cover could be felt with a great shock wave and a coolness spreading. With naked eyes smoke could be recognized in the room. Archangel Omega showed himself in blue to turquoise coloring. The room was filled with divine coolness and noticeable touched the hearts of the attendees.

Powerfully and presently, Archangel Omega is aware of his task. He is now available for all people, in addition to his partner, the Archangel Alpha, who is well known to support the people in the present and in the future and who has already taken his tasks for some time. (Rebirth of the Archangel Alpha September 26, 2003)


August, 2005 FERRAGOSTO

At 9:00 a.m., Attilio gave worldwide healing for all people, as well as a frequency increase for the Atlanteans, Lemurians and for the Pleiadians.

There were ten percent animal shares taken away from people. He gave healing for the whole of nature, and he built an ethereal tunnel for all of the glaciers to prevent too much warming. Likewise, Attilio put up once more 10 energy circles to the already existing 15 energy circles, which he had already built up around the Earth as a filter before ozone, to noticeably increase the impact.


June 28, 2005

Attilio got the divine information to physically touch the Aletsch Glacier. At the moment of contact by his hands, a crystal clear, divine aura spread over the entire glacier. It surrounds the glacier with a bright light.


June 27, 2005

Attilio built a Light Column on the Bettmerhorn at 2,858 m –above Bettmeralp – in the Canton of Valais. It serves the conservation of the glacier, for healing and spiritual growth. Its diameter is 4.5 m and it has an extension of 100 km. Its purpose is to prevent the glaciers from melting. In the book of the Bettmerhorn, Attilio has left his signature with the information about the Light Column.


June 19, 2005

Attilio built a Light Column in Aesch, in the canton of Zurich, at a Celtic place of power. It stands for healing, spiritual growth and peace of mind. Many students of the area were present to experience the construction of a Light Column. The power was extremely noticeable and vibrated through all bodies.


June 16, 2005

Attilio built at Marienberg near Kempten in Southern Germany a Light Column of 100 kilometers in diameter. It stands for relaxation, healing and spiritual growth.


May 10, 2005

Attilio built a Light Column of 100 kilometers in diameter on the Stockhorn near Thun in Switzerland. This column stands for healing, spiritual growth and love. Attilio built it to honor his daughter Silvana for her birthday.


April 29, 2005

First official Light Column in a Roman Catholic Church - in St. Gallen in Switzerland

It was built by Attilio with an energy of 500,000 Bovis Units, before the Mary Statue in the Holy Spirit Church Riethüsli. The Minister rejoiced by heart and asked Attilio for a message he could give the people. Attilio’s message: “Tell the people that they are not alone.”


March 27, 2005

Worldwide a healing for the people, healings for nature, water, animals and plants. Healing for other worlds, that is, in other solar systems.