Attilio Ferrara gave rise to another Light Pyramid over Africa, which is designed to support the development of the entire continent. To do this he built up one Light Column at each of four specific locations in Africa at angles which allow their common point of intersection to form the top of the Light Pyramid.

  1. The first Light Column Attilio Ferrara built on the famous market square “Djemaa-el-Fna” in Marrakech, Morocco on December 20, 2003. This most famous of all places on the African continent was already recorded in 2001 as the first place in the newly created UNESCO list of preserving immaterial cultural heritage from all regions of the world.
  2. The second Light Column was built on April 14, 2007, at the northern edge of the “Fish River Canyon”, NAMIBIA. In building the Light Column was an enormous pressure, which was felt as shivering coolness. The molecules in the air divided and took the shape of a column. You could well recognize this Light Column because the molecules turned at a high speed and then formed to a Column. This phenomenon could be observed with naked eye. Immediately after setting up the Light Column started to bend to combine with the northeast Light Column in Marrakech. The fusion of both Columns at the intersection happened the following night at three o’ clock in the morning. With the fusion, originated a Light Network on the eastern side of Africa between the Light Columns, which has the task to absorb the humidity coming from the Atlantic Ocean to bring more rainfalls to the dry areas of Africa. Thus, one of the most existential conditions for the people is created: Where water is, life can arise.
  3. The third Light Column Attilio built on April 20, 2008, in die “Valley of the Kings”, EGYPT. It is located directly in front of the Tomb entrance No. 62 of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.
  4. The fourth and final Light Column of the Light Pyramid above Africa Attilio Ferrara built on the Mount Meru, TANSANIA (on 4,566 meters) together with a group of students on October 10, 2008. The participants felt the building of this Light Column particularly strong due to vibrations on their bodies. The fusion with the other three Columns of Light happened over the course of a few hours. It was the fastest connection, as the three already existing Light Columns had found their place and were already merged.

The Light Pyramid over Africa was thus completed. Since then, it is active: All Light Columns carry the information “moisture” and “rain”. Interested people can follow up the climate change in Africa in the media.

More Light Columns with information and symbols are continuously built by Attilio Ferrara on many places of the world, which he visits on his travels, for the people living there, the animals and nature. He creates the Light Columns to increase the consciousness of all living beings (for details, see “Attilio’s Work/ Chronicle”).